Filed Under: DC on August 9, 2011

dc opening

Dolomiti Contemporanee was inaugurated on Saturday 30th July, giving form to the concept for this project in the new exhibition spaces at Sass Muss.

This place is a centre.  A centre, or a district, or a device.  The first three DC exhibitions were inaugurated, curated by Bruciati, D’Incà Levis, Zanchetta.  More than 1,500 visitors in one day.  For the first time in thirty years, these spaces have come alive with contemporary art.  Various authorities attended, including patrons, sponsors, a very public profile. People not directly involved with the works, curious to know more about a new operation, a vision, breathed in the atmosphere and raised their heads to observe the buildings and the objects contained within the buildings, as they wandered through the avenues (avenues because they no longer seemed like streets, stationary and still, but in constant movement).

There are curators who wanted to be a part of this project right from the start, protagonists in this first cycle of exhibitions. Artists, many who have come from afar, along with giornalists, critics, gallery directors and collectors.

DC at Sass Muss is not an extravagant project.  It is real. Atypical.  Scientific.  Aggressive.  Attentive.  Open.  Inclusive.

This situation is new and real.  Not an abstract project.  A pragmatic project. There is a hypothesis which measures feasibility.  A hypothesis for the use and re-use of spaces according to their potential, frustrated by the inabillity to shine (sterile in terms of a commercial/industrial model; fertility, sustainability and productivity of the artistic/cultural model).  At the opening of Sass Muss there was activity, fermentation, action, dialogue.  The light is on.