Filed Under: artists, exibitions on March 6, 2012

DC/Cristian Chironi – Madre Museum (Naples) performance

Friday 17 February 2012, at the MADRE Museum of Naples, the performance ECO by artist Cristian Chironi.
ECO is a project by MADRE in collaboration with Dolomiti Contemporanee, and includes participation by Dolomiti Rocce and C.A.I.
The performer is seated on the external wall of the terrace of the MADRE Museum, on the fourth floor of the building. Seated on the eaves looking towards Vesuvius. The performer, his legs in the air, dressed in civilian clothing, and secured by alpine equipment, composed of a series of anchors, harness, ropes, slings, ferrules, and a self-locking system. A sound system pointed towards the city, with a flow rate of 7,000 watts, amplifies his voice.
The performance of ECO is part of a series of recent works by Chironi, which are inspired by themes from the Dolomite Mountains. These themes are developed and carried out via specific and different operations, often executed in urban contexts, or in any case, in contexts foreign to the alpine environment, and are in this way recontextualised.