The focal point of dolomiti contemporanee is sass muss. An industrial archaeological complex, recently recovered and consisting of a number of structures built in the second half of the 19th century, formerly a chemical plant and more recently a factory.
The original production plant consists of large volumes of prefabricated cement set amongst a green area, not far from the dolomite peaks, creating a sort of sensational aesthetic wasteland. 
The original buildings have been closed for over twenty years and the more recent industrial structures have up until now either partially or never been used before.

These buildings will come alive with dolomiti contemporanee.
Two exhibition blocks, seven curators (the first round), fifty artists, three exhibition sites, a workshop, a residence.
The first block inaugurated on 30th july. Three exhibitions in buildings sass de mjura, pavione, schiara curated by Andrea Bruciati, Gianluca d’incà levis, and alberto zanchetta. 
The second block inaugurated on 17th September. Four exhibitions, curated by daniele capra, Gianluca d’incà levis, alice ginaldi, francesco ragazzi and Francesco urbano. 
DC is on its way.

A New World – curated by andrea bruciati

DC paint/one – curated by gianluca d’incà levis

DC/Cristian Chironi – Madre Museum (Naples) performance

La Pierre de la Folie – curated by alberto zanchetta

questa sosta non è un orto / mario tomè / performance