Dolomiti Contemporanee 2011

Dolomiti Contemporanee or DC is a new and experimental project, a pioneer in contemporary art in the Dolomite region. In 2009 the Dolomites were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, increasing public visibility and international significance of this site of “exceptional natural beauty”. The Dolomites are a resource for Humanity. Made up of environment, rock, spectacular vertical faces, a strength from a geomorphology forged from prehistoric times, together with anthropic interactions which are carefully balanced with a commitment to preserving natural processes and landscapes of the territory.
Contemporary art is also a resource. A crucible. A workshop. It is a critical exercise in intelligence. It formalises critical thought and produces sensory analyses, the construction of direct and indirect relationships, reflections on the question of identity, and the plastic processing of concept and metaphor. It is an area for action, the impulse behind the production of revealing objects, testaments, critics; and it is the developer of the senses.

Contemporary art is a sounding, viewer, amplifier. Applied to an object or space, it reads it, enters and opens it and deposits formal thought like lava. Contemporary art brings focus to an idea; it gives it body and evokes concise and pervasive images.
Now imagine launching a season of action and reflection in the Dolomite area – territorial, spatial, physical, thematic, ideal. Do not envisage a closed exhibition. Imagine a union of artists and curators intent on creating a true exchange: scrutinising, inquiring, dissecting, externalising/ internalising, and transforming the anatomy of locations; thereby generating critical thought and a rich and varied harvest of aesthetic-intellectual sediment. Moving a space.

This process of interaction with the local Dolomite environment, does not just produce an exhibition, it triggers a process of reflection, action, work. Dolomiti Contemporanee wants to be a medium for reflection and cultural action in this territory. This territory defies narration, description. It is a space for encounter. A trigger.

Dolomiti contemporanee is a platform for a territorial project backed by a network of local business, social, educational, artistic and cultural groups who appreciate the international significance of this project. A network which is committed to promoting and sustaining the culture and resources of the local territory, whilst retaining open and direct external contact. Dolomiti contemporanee is not an exhibition. It is a project which aims at creating a network of cultural exchange.