sass muss


Sass muss is an industrial archaeological complex situated in the Province of Belluno (Sospirolo Council), Veneto region, behind the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park.
The site consists of a series of buildings, spread across a vast natural green area in the piedmont zone, 7 km from the historic centre of Belluno and near State Road SS203 Agordina. This area has been recently recovered and consists of several large pavilions (sass de mura, pavione, schiara, etc.) and a central building which houses services for the public, providing a total of almost 4,000 square metres in available space.

In the first phase Dolomiti Contemporanee plans to transform Sass Muss into an artistic-cultural laboratory and exhibition area from July to October 2011. A group of artists and curators have the opportunity to work together in an alternate programme of artistic exchange and production. Artists work, live and exhibit in this space. Sass muss includes an artist residency programme, based on a rotation period of 1 week/ 10 days. The central building houses the studio rooms for the resident artists, along with a snack bar, bookshop, and wifi area. The pavilions host the exhibitions from july to september managed by several curators and divided into two blocks.

The complex is therefore alive with activity for about three months: a combination of an artistic camp and open workshop. A place where artists can meet, produce art, present their work, and participate in public meetings and round table discussions along with other cultural practioners. DC start.