Forni di Sopra

In the summer 2014, Dolomiti Contemporanee launched the format of Paesaggi Contemporanei (Eng.: contemporary landscapes), which has since been taking place in Forni di Sopra, a village in the Udine Province. Still, we’re in the area of UNESCO’s Dolomites, the Friulan side, carnic territory.
The work carried out by DC since 2011, in (and from) the dolomitic mountains, can be read, in general, as a research on the contemporanry identity of the landscape, and a nourishment of its building and regeneration procedures.
These identities are many and varied, like the earth’s layers: geology’s layers like culture’s own.

Paesaggi contemporanei is thus open to the complex, plural dimension typical of every environment and territory, and in particular, here, of the mountainous one.

During the introductive edition, in August 2014, together with Marc Augé and many other guests, we’ve turned our gaze on the landscape from a physical, social and anthropological perspective, as well as the one aiming for its renovation.
In the 2015 edition, together withPierluigi Sacco, Giannola Nonino, Antonio De Rossi, and several others, the focus was shifted on the Geography of economical landscapes.

As Edoardo Gellner maintained, the landscape is constructed inside the relationship between natural environment and human intervention.
This intervention is, first of all, thought, which enables the action upon the space.
The human, then, is the one generating its own landscapes, which are always the organic result of a series of complex procedures, and can therefore never predate it.
To wonder over the landscape, to think and explore it, is comparable to an active and responsible action upon it, never leaving it to happen by itself.
Interactions must be monitored.
Action must be imagined.
Reality is active thinking.
The landscape doesn’t have to be admired, but rather needs to be determined.

Paesaggi Contemporanei is included in the schedule of Dolomiti Days, is promoted by the Udine Province, and is realised by Dolomiti Contemporanee in partnership with the  Municipality of Forni di Sopra and in collaboration with the Pordenone Province, the Autonomous Region of the Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Dolomiti Unesco Foundation, the Friulan Dolomites Natural Park and FVG Tourism.


Links and materials:

Here a file on the 2014 edition of Paesaggi contemporanei.
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Here a file on the 2015 edition of Paesaggi contemporanei.
Here a summary of professor Sacco’s speech [ita], titled “Culture, development and territory: from the event-making to the community of innovation”



May 16, 2022

   Dolomiti Contemporanee takes part in the Nouveau Grand Tour program, a cultural project stemmed from the Quirinal Treaty, signed by Presidents Macron and Draghi in November 2021. The pact aims to strengthen relations between Italy and France in several areas, in a
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June 28, 2021

Thursday, July 1, 2021, 7 pm – lecture: art and international residencies in the alpine territory on thursday, July 1, 2021, dolomiti contemporanee will take part in a series of lectures organized by the städelschule in frankfurt. the städelschule lectures, summer
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June 20, 2017

On Monday, June the 19th 2017, Deborah Serracchiani, president of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, came here, in the Vajont area. She first visited the dam, together with the mayors, the vice president Bolzonello, and the people in charge of the enel plant. After the dam, the
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dc 2015 video