Dolomiti Contemporanee (DC) was launched in 2011.
Ever since 2012, DC has been permanently handling the Nuovo Spazio di Casso (Eng.: New Space for Casso), a former elementary school, closed down since the fateful day of the Vajont tragedy (1963), and reopened after half a century as a centre for the Contemporary Culture of the Mountain.
The DC format, from the start, has always consisted of the individuation of closed spaces, like abandoned factories, industrial archaeology compounds; sites found in a critical state, de-functionalized, inert. Spaces that are manufactured, have an immediate impact, are “artificial” inside the natural context of UNESCO’s Dolomites.
These forgotten spaces are treated as underutilized resources, picked and started up once again, with a policy of temporary or permanent occupation, through contemporary art, cultural activity and innovation-seeking.
The international residency programs are one of the project’s pivotal tools.
In such a way, the sites begin to live again, while art and culture prove to actually possess a concrete driving and regenerative capability.
This is also, and most of all, possible through the collaborative relationship with hundreds of partners, business, productive, and industrial institutions active in this territory who are supporting the project, making it possible to equip the spaces and Residencies, and to realize works and activities.

In 2014, Dolomiti Contemporanee has launched an important regenerative platform, specific to the extraordinary site of the former Eni Village of Borca di Cadore (
In this section of the website you may find the currently active spaces (in brown), those activated in the past years (in green), and those for which projects and creative hubs are being designed (in pink).


May 16, 2022

   Dolomiti Contemporanee takes part in the Nouveau Grand Tour program, a cultural project stemmed from the Quirinal Treaty, signed by Presidents Macron and Draghi in November 2021. The pact aims to strengthen relations between Italy and France in several areas, in a
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June 28, 2021

Thursday, July 1, 2021, 7 pm – lecture: art and international residencies in the alpine territory on thursday, July 1, 2021, dolomiti contemporanee will take part in a series of lectures organized by the städelschule in frankfurt. the städelschule lectures, summer
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June 20, 2017

On Monday, June the 19th 2017, Deborah Serracchiani, president of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, came here, in the Vajont area. She first visited the dam, together with the mayors, the vice president Bolzonello, and the people in charge of the enel plant. After the dam, the
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dc 2015 video